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So it seems as if we will be home for a bit longer but no worries there’s still tons of stuff you can do while you’re home which includes practicing your headwrap game hmm didn’t think I was going to mention that huh? But I know y’all been practicing trust me I see all your pretty faces on IG and pleaseee keep sending… it makes me smile everytime. If you’re anything like me I know you have a drawer somewhere filled with miscellaneous makeup or a lipstick/lipgloss draw that’s not very organized which then causes you to take even longer getting yourself together since you can’t find anything. Well this hack is so cool and simple- total life saver for me. Plus it’s super affordable and your makeup drawer will have you looking like a legit makeup artist in seconds- hehe thank me later.

How cool is that trick!! I’m obsessed.

headwrap, head wrap, head wraps, headwraps

Okay let’s talk about cleaning our makeup brushes. If you are a true WrapQueen you know I talk about makeup alot. I enjoy wearing it and matching my eye shadow colors with my headwrap like the pic shown above, and if you follow us on IG then you know about #MakeupMonday. I show you makeup tutorials so that you too can slay even more while wearing your headwraps. However I don’t talk about the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes which is super important. Dermatologists recommend that you should clean each makeup brush at least every 7 – 10 days, especially those you use most often like foundation and concealer brushes. Remember dirty brushes and sponges cause acne and other skin issues such as rashes etc so clean those brushes Queens!

Now I know we all have different methods of cleaning our makeup brushes I use to clean them with dishwashing soap then I tried baby shampoo I included a step by step method below. I then moved on to {this} which I do love when I’m in a hurry and will continue to use. It’s the best! You can also use it every day. Now for a more intense clean especially now that we are home and actually have the time, I tried this method and I loved it. Yes it still took me awhile but I was able to wash all my brushes and sponges easy peasy. Please try it and let me know how it goes.

A Step-by-Step Brush Cleaning Method

  • Squeeze a bit of dish washing soap I like “Dawn” or gentle baby shampoo into a glass/mug and fill with warm water.
  • Swirl your brushes in the water and gently massage the bristles to further remove the gunk and grime until it’s all gone
  • Rinse with clean water and carefully squeeze the water out.
  • Lay flat to dry on a paper towel.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and learned some new tricks and tips to try at home or share with the girls. Feel free to comment below if you have any other hacks or recommendations that works great for you. I wanna know too:)

Products: Makeup cleaner {Here} Best Makeup Sponge {Here} Love this set {Here}

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