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I wanted to talk about brows- yeap brows as I don’t think they get the respect they deserve. I mean… I’m so happy that we’re no longer over tweezing our brows anymore as that look was a no no :Zaza’s voice: lol. Today eyebrows are one of the most prominent facial features that can help accentuate the eyes and shape the face. I’ve learned to take time with my brows and when I’m having a good brow day my makeup always end up looking flawless. I wasn’t the best at doing my brows but a lil time and patience really helped me perfect it. Also, having the right tools. I didn’t know the importance of an angled brush, brow powder, brow cream, gel or even a spoolie but now all those things are in my makeup bag and they make doing the brows so much easier. I also love to fill in my brows on no makeup days as they somehow bring life to your face, wakes it up; and I love that.

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One thing I struggled with once I started taking the eyebrow game seriously was my perfect shape. I had no idea how to arch them, where I should start or end and yes ya’ll I was that girl that filled in the front really dark (FML). I then started to find women that resembled me aka celebrities, which is a good trick btw. I then discovered my face shape and I would arch my brows accordingly. See below.

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The Best Eyebrow Styles for a Range of Face Shapes

  • Structured Brow with Angled Arches and Longer Ends for a Round Face. … If you have a round face then your goal should def be to add angles-the higher the arch the better.
  • Well-Balanced and Contoured Brows for Oval Face. …If you have an Oval face consider yourself lucky as you don’t need to do much just maintain.
  • Soft, Rounded Arch for Heart Shaped Face. … Heart shape faces requires delicate arches,as your face shape is similar to round just with a wider forehead.
  • Brows with Angled Peak for Square Face. … Square faces usually have a very strong jawline so you would want to achieve a thick curved shape with a strong arch to balance out.
  • Curved Brow for Diamond Face this will lift your face upwards, making it appear more round. Be sure to add length to your brows too as it will also soften your jawline.
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Queens, I hope this was able to help you figure out the best brow shape for your face. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments below! XX


  • Angled Brush {Here}
  • ABH Brow pomade {Here}
  • I love this shade {Here}
  • Nars Concealer {Here} to clean up brows once you have filled them in. I use this shade {Here}
  • Huda Beauty Baking powder {Here}
  • RT powder brush{Here}
  • IT concealer brush{Here} love love this one {Here}
  • When I’m all done doing my brows I like to use this  Brow setter {Here}

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