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Wrapqueen, headwraps“Heyy guys!  My name is Talaya 🙂 I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but I live in Maryland now. I work for the government Mon-Fri and my brand influencer side comes out on the weekend! ?? haha. I love all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I’m a fun goofball who loves to dance and make people smile. I’m a little firecracker too ;).”

Hey Tay Tay ahhh couldn’t wait to interview you. You been reppin us for a hot minute lol so I’m too hyped to have you as WrapQueen of the month.  Tell everyone your name where your from and nationality?

Heyyyy Kelly Kellzzz! I literally have lol. I wouldn’t have it any other way either #ganggang lol. I’m super siked to be chosen as WrapQueen of the month as well! Heyyy guys, my name is Talaya. I’m from Pennsylvania, living in Maryland now, and I am 100% African American

Were you always a fan of headwraps? If so, What did you love about them?

I never really got into headwraps until social media, (Instagram honestly) but I can’t believe I didn’t join this wave a longggg time ago lol. I first started wearing them when I had bad hair days lol, but once I came across ones with cool designs and prints I fell in love with the diversity of each one! I feel like a different person with each wrap I wear

Whats your favorite headwrap so far? Although I think I know the answer to this question haha.

Omg you know I’m crazy Kelly so I honestly say every single one is my favorite haha. I have to say though that the Mermaid Wrap takes home the crown for me!

Do you have your eyes on any others?

I have my eyes on ALL lol. Honestly and truly I love every single wrap WrapQueens makes. I do really love the Safari wrap though! It’s classic and beautiful

I noticed that you are very fashionable, do you ever plan your outfits with your headwraps? If so, whats your fave outfit that you have put together with your headwrap? so we can steal your look:)

Oh, honey yessss! Any time I wear I wrap I plan my outfits around it lol. Also, thank you so much for the “very fashionable” comment! *batts eyelashes* lol. But I really just love the simple outfits with statement pieces! So most recently I paired my Fire Orange wrap with a flowy sleeved, front tie top and some striped flare pants with a cute little black clutch and it gave me life! lol.

Btw I love your simple makeup looks so pretty, What was the first makeup item you purchased? Do you still have it?

Thank you so much! Makeup is my life, haha. It’s one of the ways I express myself honestly. The first makeup item I ever purchased was some blue eyeshadow back in high school lol. It was absolutely horrendous, but it fueled my love for makeup so it’s all good lol. Thankfully I don’t still have it! Lol

What’s your must have makeup tool/tools?

I absolutely must have my beauty blender! That’s mainly for days when I do a full face though. If I just want a very natural look I definitely need my NARS creamy concealer to cover my dark circles/blemishes and some brow gel and mascara!

What’s your favorite go to look that works for day and night? Let me guess a red lip?

You know it’s funny because I just recently got into red lips! Now I absolutely love them, but yes! A red lip can go with a daytime or a nighttime look. I also love a glory makeup look with neutral eyeshadows and a brown liner on the lips with a nice gloss on top! I’m super simple lol

What’s is your favorite high/low end makeup brand?

My favorite high end brand would have to either be NARS or Bobbi Brown! My favorite drugstore brand is between Revlon and Maybelline for sure

Are you all about the glow? if so what is your favorite highlighter?

Omg the glow is a necessity Kelly! Can’t do my makeup with some glow lol. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow palettes and also Colourpop has amazing single highlighters. Right now I use their loose highlighter in the shade “Candyman” it is soooo freaking bomb!

Can you share a beauty secret with us?

Why yes, of course! For any ladies who like the more natural looking feathered brow, I wet a bar of soap and run my brow spooly over it and then brush my brows upward. This spreads the brow hairs apart to make your brows look more full and beautiful. I literally do this everyday, even when I don’t apply any makeup and I get so many compliments!

Any tips to a flawless face?

My tips for a flawless face would be to make sure your face is exfoliated and well moisturized before applying any makeup! Also, don’t use too many powders on the face. When you do use setting powder/foundation powder be sure to spray your face with a setting mist or spray right after to make the makeup melt into your skin!

What are some good beginner brushes for a decent price?

Definitely Morphe Brush sets of Real Techniques. They both work amazingly when applying makeup and are superrrr affordable.

I love a flawless finish and I know skincare is major key. what are some facial products that you use to maintain your beautiful skin?

Yes skin care is a major key when it comes to your makeup coming out super flawless! Right now I used the Biorè charcoal face wash day and night and I use cocoa butter or coconut oil as my moisturizer! I really want to try out the Aveeno clear complexion line though because I’ve been hearing such good things.

If you can hang out with anyone for the day celebrity included who would it be and why?

Ohhh mannnn. My favorite question so far lol. Anyone who knows me knows that I call Beyoncè my GodMuva lol so I would love to just be in her presence. As far as hanging out though, I would have to say Rih Rih! Rihanna just seems so cool and down to earth. She knows how to have fun and she’s not afraid to just be crazy and be herself. I feel like she would just be a really cool BFF lol.

Do you ever sleep in your makeup?

Oh Lawwwd no. Not anymore anyways lol. I would always break out back in college so I haven’t done that in yearssss

When do you feel the most beautiful?

Honestly I feel the most beautiful at night after I take a shower and wash my makeup off. My skin just has a glow to it after I wash the makeup off that I can’t even explain *praising hands*

Do you have a fave book? Or a fave quote?

Hmmm, I really liked the Think Like a Man book lol. I read it back in college and I was hooked. Right now I’m reading “You Are a Badass, How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” super short title, I know lol. But it’s basically about getting out of your own way and being the amazing person you were destined to be. It’s super inspiring!

What’s your favorite movie?  favorite song?

My favorite movie is now and forever will be Love and Basketball. It’s such a classic. And I have a new favorite song every week lol. Right now it’s “Playin Wit Me” by Kyle feat. Kehlani

What do you do on your downtime?

On my downtime I love planning my next move, going to the movies, catching up on my favorite shows, and stalking YouTube videos lol. I literally watch YouTube videos every night before bed

What will you eat no matter what?

Crab legs!! They hold a super special place in my heart lol. They have to have Old Bay seasoning on them though lol. Non negotiable

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Rude people! It literally takes nothing to be a nice person. And seeing people smile is so rewarding

Tell me something about yourself that no one would guess?

I am addictedddd to crime scene investigations lol. Anything crime related honestly. I need to get all the information and I like to try and crack the cases on crime shows that I watch before they give the answer in the ending lol

Thanks so much for answering these questions for me. Please share with our WrapQuens   where they can contact you to make appointments and or list your social media.

Thank you so much for this interview Kellz! I had so much fun answering these questions and chatting it up with you! Lol.

You all can slideeeee in my DM’s on Insta at @Talaylayyy and we can be franssss! Lol <3


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