“Hey everyone, my name is Evelyn & I’m from California. I currently attend school during the days pursuing a career in radiology, and work as a freelance makeup artist. My love for makeup started  in high school when I discovered beauty gurus on YouTube & I’ve been obsessed ever since. I began practicing on myself & others in order to improve my skills. As of last year I decided to grow my makeup page on Instagram & I’ve found a new love in creating looks on myself & sharing with the world what products I use to do so. My goal is to help girls who have the same passion for makeup, gain inspiration from me & interact with new friends from the beauty community.”

Let me just start off by saying you are super gorge and talented and I’m too hype to have you as WrapQueen of the month.  Tell everyone your name where your from and nationality?
Thank you Kelly! Super honored to be featured. My name is Evelyn and I was born & raised in Pasadena, California.
When was the first time you wore a headwrap?
The first time I came across WrapQueens website was on Instagram & I fell in love right away back in June of 2017.
Whats your favorite headwrap so far?
Can’t go wrong with ‘Marley Chic’ the colors are to die for!
Do you have your eyes on any others?
Yes actually!! I’ve been eyeing “Ibiza & Safari
When did your love for makeup begin?
My love for makeup began in high school when I first discovered beauty gurus on YouTube.
Do you consider yourself a brand? If yes-what have you done to market yourself?
As of now not completely, I’m just sharing my love for makeup online.
What was the first makeup item you purchased? Do you still have it?
The first makeup products I bought were Mac single eyeshadows to create my own palette & that palette is sitting in my collection till this day.
Did you take cosmetology classes in school or were you self taught?
Self taught. Practiced on myself & then others.
What’s your must have makeup tool/tools?
Wow this is a tough one, I would say a good pair of lashes & brow product, & lip balm!
I love all your makeup looks – What’s your favorite go to look that works for day and night?
Thank you! My everyday look would be a brown semi-Smokey look. I usually always do this look on my off days when I go out.
What’s is your favorite high/low end makeup brand?
Low end would be Maybelline & high end Mac cosmetics.
What is your favorite highlighter?
Favorite highlight would be “Fuego” by Dose of Colors cosmetics.
Do you swear by the beauty blender? Or some other product that leaves your face
Looking flawless.? Because your face is flawless gohhhh!
The beauty blender is my must have for applying foundation!! Also a good moisturizer doesn’t hurt either 😉
Your eye shadows are beautiful is their a trick to get them so bright and pigmented?
A good primer is KEY for a pigmented eyeshadow look. My go to is Plouise eye base in rumor. 
Which eye palette do you think have the most color pay off that everyone should own?
Juvia’s place eyeshadows are amazing in color payoff & you can’t beat their prices for the palettes! 
Can you share a beauty secret with us?
Never set your primer, whether using a concealer, like the Maybelline Master conceal or any other primer. This allows the eyeshadow to pick up full pigmentation.
What do you think are people’s biggest misconception about makeup?
I would say a big misconception are those who assume wearing makeup is a sign of insecurity. The makeup community has grown tremendously and in all honesty most girls wear makeup for themselves and not anyone else.
 What are some good beginner  brushes for a decent price?
Morphe brushes are life!! Amazing quality and price!
I love a flawless finish and I know it’s because I take care of my skin- what are some facial products that you use to maintain your beautiful skin?
I have sensitive skin so I like keeping my routine simple and easy. For the past 5 months or so I’ve been obsessed with the drugstore brand ‘Simple’. I use everything from their line, cleanser, toner, & moisturizer.
What celebrity would you love to do makeup on?
I’d say none other than Beyoncé, but I’d probably faint in the process lol!
Do you ever sleep in your makeup? 
NEVER!!! I actually remove my makeup as soon as possible if I know I don’t need it anymore. As much as I love wearing makeup, I also love letting my skin breath.
When do you feel the most beautiful? 
I can’t deny that executing a full beat, colorful or neutral, makes me feel like that B*%^h!! Along with hair & outfit of course.
What’s your favorite  movie?  favorite song?
I’m a movie fanatic!! Although I have multiple favorites, Burlesque is one of my top faves that I can watch over & over. I don’t think I have a specific song at the moment.
What do you do on your downtime?
Watch movies and catch up on my favorite TV shows.
What will you eat no matter what?
Rain or shine.. ICE CREAM!! 
Tell me something about yourself that no one would guess?
Mmm, I haven’t opened up about it publicly but I do live with an autoimmune disease since the age of 13. Maybe I’ll post more about it when I’m ready.
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Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, if interested in my makeup looks please follow my instagram at @evyxo_ 
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