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Hey Queens! I post tons of beautiful girls all the time on all of our social media channels and you queens will essentially determine who becomes WrapQueen of the month. It will be based on which girl has the most likes, most views the most comments etc. A WrapQueen is not only about perfecting your headwrap skills but a Wrap Queen is all things beauty and I’m here to help. I’ve noticed that often times you queens tend to have a lot of questions or are curious on the brand of makeup each girl wears, highlight, eye shadow palettes etc. Which are all important questions, because once you wear your crown; you should go the extra mile and beat that face hunty to complete the overall look. Issa must- or at the very least please groom those brows and apply your fave gloss. So this series will be a way of answering all your questions while learning a few fun facts about your fave WrapQueen. This Month we have chosen this beauty.  Meet Kadijah.


Let me just start off by saying you are super gorge and I’m delighted to have you as WrapQueen of the month. Tell everyone your name where your from and nationality?
Thank you for having me!! My name is Kadija, I’m from Somalia but I was born and raised in Sweden.
When was the first time you wore a headwrap/hijab?
I tried wearing a headwrap the first time in November 2017! I randomly tried doing it and I loved how it looked on me! Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with headwraps!
Whats your favorite headwrap so far?
Definitely “Marley Chic”! I love the colors and wearing it just makes me happy!
Do you have your eyes on any others?
Yes! Keke, Foxy 2.0 and Safari!
When did your love for makeup begin?
It began in 2016. That’s also when I started doing makeup on myself and I improved after practicing and practicing. From there I started trying different looks etc.
Do you consider yourself a brand? If yes-what have you done to market yourself?
Not yet, right now I’m just sharing my love for makeup.
What was the first makeup item you purchased? Do you still have it?
It was a red lipstick that I purchased a few years ago. Unfortunately I don’t have it now!
Did you take cosmetology classes in school or were you self taught?
I’m self taught.
What’s your must have makeup tool/tools?
My beauty blenders, definitely! I don’t think I can do my makeup routine without a beauty blender.
I love all your makeup looks – What’s your favorite go to look that works for day and night? Let me guess a glowy look:)
Thank you! You’re right – you can never go wrong with a glowy look!
What’s is your favorite high/low end makeup brand?
High end : Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills
Low end : NYX, LA Girl, BH Cosmetics, ColourPop
What is your favorite highlighter?
Anastasia Beverly Hills “Sun Dipped” glow kit is my favorite highlighter!
Do you swear by the beauty blender? Or some other product that leaves your face
Looking flawless.? Because your face is flawless gohhhh!
Thank you!!! A beauty blender is definitely a must have when doing my makeup. I use it when blending my foundation, concealer and also when I’m applying powder. I definitely swear by it!
Can you share a beauty secret with us?
Spray some setting spray on your face before you apply your foundation to keep your skin makeup looking flawless all day.
What do you think are people’s biggest misconception about makeup?
That drugstore makeup don’t work because they’re cheaper.
That people who wear makeup are insecure about their appearance.
What are some good beginner brushes for a decent price?
I started of using brushes from BH Cosmetics. They’re very good and affordable!
I love a flawless finish and I know it’s because I take care of my skin- what are some facial products that you use to maintain your beautiful skin?
I keep it cute and simple. I use the the tea tree oil facial wash from The Body Shop and moisturize with the Eucerin UltraSensitive lotion or a lightweight oil.
What celebrity would you love to do makeup on?
I’m not a makeup artist but if I was, I’d love to do it on Rihanna.
Do you ever sleep in your makeup? I know I’m guilty
Never! My skin will suffer if I do so I make sure I remove my makeup before I go to sleep no matter what!
When do you feel the most beautiful?
In my natural state.
What’s your favorite movie? favorite song?
Favorite movies are I Am Legend and Poetic Justice. I don’t have a favorite song, it varies all the time!
What do you do on your downtime?
Watching shows and documentaries.
What will you eat no matter what?
Tell me something about yourself that no one would guess?
I’m very shy when I meet new people.
Social Media
Instagram : @kaadijaa
YouTube : Kadija Ali
Twitter : @kaadijaa_



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