The Perfect Spring Eye Look: Tutorial

It's not "Makeup Monday'' but I had to share the deets to this bomb tutorial with you guys. I'm obsessed and you Queens were too. I'm all for looks that will get me together real quick without doing the most …but just looking like I did -lol ya feel me. I'm not sure what I love more about this look, the fact that this eye look is kept very neutral with different shades of brown; making it easy to recreate or that sharp wing liner. Plus I'm living for the pop of color in the inner tear duct -can y'all imagine a lime green color….feel free to match it with your headwrap.

Sharp Wing Liner Makeup

Few tips for a flawless eye application


  • Invest in good makeup brushes. They will ensure that your application is flawless every time. Makeup Brushes {Here} and {Here}
  • Always use an eye primer or a concealer if you prefer. It acts as a barrier between your eyeshadow and the natural oils in your skin. That way, your makeup stays put all day. Our fave {Here} {Here}
  • Be sure to place a little excess loose powder under your eyes before starting to apply eyeshadow. The fallout from your eyeshadow application can then be easily swept away with the excess powder once you are finished. Or apply your eyeshadow first -followed by your foundation { Translucent Powder}
  • Avoid picking up too much eyeshadow with your brush at one time. It’s always easier to add more product than it is to remove
  • Apply darker colors in your eye crease; so the darker shade of brown from this look -should be placed there.. placing a darker tone of shadow in the crease of the eye makes your eyes pop by adding depth and dimension in the exact right spot. A darker color in the crease also attracts light. So start with the light shade to dark 
  • Finally set with a setting spray to be sure it stays put all day and night. Setting Spray{Here

Makeup Deets

  • Moisturizer/ Primer {Here}
  • Brow Filler {Here}
  • Foundation. {Here} And {Here}
  • Concealer {Here} And {Here}
  • Brow Soap Not avail love this one {Here}
  • Eye Palette {Here}
  • Eye Liner{Here}
  • Blush {Here}
  • Highlighter {Here}
  • Gloss {Here}


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