10 Beauty Tips To Glow Up Overnight!

10 Beauty Tips To Glow Up Overnight!

Hey Queens,

So we are in the middle of May and you can't seem to figure out how we got here or maybe you're not like me and you definitely know how we got here hahah but either way you are not prepared- and need a quick fix to enhance your look, well I've gotcha because one thing I will never ever have is my Queens out here in these streets looking any old way. These tips I mention you can for sure start doing today but if you continue doing them I guarantee you will see real change.

1)Wear a HeadWrap, Duhhhh lol of course that would be number one on the list. A HeadWrap protects your hair all while keeping you cute. A HeadWrap will be that bestie that comes in handy when you don't have time to wash/comb your hair or if you want to add a deep conditioner before bed ;Or you ca be like me and just totally throw her on for that show stopper look...check out our New arrivals Here

2) Moisturize your skin with your fave hydrating lotion or baby oil after showering. This will lock in moisture and when you wake up the next day your skin will be nice and supple.

Lotions You Should Try

3) Do not skip your nighttime skincare routine. Invest in a nice serum for your face so you can wake up with radiant skin every day. Checkout a few must have products in this blog post: Want Flawless Skin Do These 3 Things Now


4) Teeth whitening. This is a great and inexpensive way to take your look up a notch and that's by whitening your teeth. Crest White strips are really good I swear by them. You can also use turmeric and coconut oil mixed together to whiten your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

5) Add castor oil to your brows and lashes. This will help thicken them which will help them to look lush.

Castor Oil Brows


6) Put your eye cream in the fridge. Putting your eye cream in the fridge overnight or in the morning before applying will help with puffiness/ under eye bags. Also storing it in the fridge will help the product to last longer. If you do not have an eye cream try using mashed avocado under your eye, leave it for 10=15 mins and then rinse this will moisturize your under eye and help reduce puffiness.

Eye Cream

7)Sleep with an eye mask... yes that's right sleep with a eye mask huntyyyl We are bougie over here lol. Preferably a silk eye mask. The eye mask will act as a barrier between your pillows and your eyes which can prevent creasing. The eye mask also helps to lock in moisture.

Eye Mask

8) Use an Overnight Facemask. Overnight face masks are really great and help lock in extra moisture. So if you're someone that suffers with dry skin, patches, mild peeling etc then an overnight face mask should definitely be added to your routine. I love this one:

Sleeping Mask

9) Add Baby powder to your sheets. Sprinkle baby powder lightly on your sheets before bed , this prevents any chafing and sweating during sleep, plus you wake up smelling great.

10) Add Vaseline or my favorite shea butter to your feet with socks and wear them before bed. I cannot sleep in socks so the shea butter is less greasy and does a great job with locking in moisture. I recommend this one.

Foot Cream

Bonus Tip: Sleep with an overnight lip balm and you will wake up with baby soft lips. I love this one.

Lip Balm

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